Rock Steady Boxing Comes to Southern California!

The Rock Steady Boxing program is designed to address idiopathic and atypical Parkinson’s Disease. Research, medical studies and Rock Steady Boxing’s years of experience suggest consistent truths:

  1. Regular exercise improves symptoms
  2. Diversity of exercises is encouraged
  3. Exercise should be done at a high level of intensity
  4. Finding something you enjoy is critical to long term commitment

4 thoughts on “Rock Steady Boxing Comes to Southern California!

  1. Thank you Anne Adams and Rock Steady Boxing for bringing this exciting program to the people of South Orange County. Everything I have seen concerning this exercise program has been extremely positive. It is good to know that the people who have Parkinson’s Disease have a way of “fighting back.”

    Nancy Rucker
    Laguna Niguel, CA.

  2. Hi! My name is Debbie “Boom Boom” Bentz. I am one of the first dozen members of Rock Steady Boxing in Indpls. IN. I started RSB in January, 2007. I can testify it is a truly amazing program. The program conforms to anyone with Parkinson’s Disease & the trainers are the best! And, another thing that is great is the “family like” atmosphere. It’s a great “exercise active” support group. Don’t give up, keep fighting back!

    • Debbie,
      Glad to hear from you! The Rock Steady Boxing method is working wonders here as well.
      So exciting to watch people improve and have fun all while kicking Parkinson’s butt!!
      Do you know my dad, Don McNelley? I am thinking I may have met you in one of my many trips to RSB. Keep up the good work and come see us sometime 🙂

      • Hi Anne,
        I don’t believe I really know your dad. I’ve seen him, but I’m still working so I usually go in the evenings & he probably goes during the day. I think you & I met at the training and/or the Pacer game. I will be in CA this week, with any luck I’ll get by there to visit, but you know how it is when you visit family, sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in. I would love to see your place. You’ll have to see our new place in Indy sometime, it’s wonderful!

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