Take A Walk and See Elephants!

Here is something fun and out of the ordinary you can do while getting some exercise! Now through Nov. 17th you can see hand-painted elephant statues all along Dana Point Harbor. Read on to understand how this unusual art display is having an impact on saving these beautiful mammals:

Asian elephants are on the verge of extinction, and the commitment for their preservation started with special elephant known as Mosha. After stepping on an abandoned land mine, Mosha was fit with the world¹s first-ever prosthesis for a baby elephant. Her powerful strides inspired father and son duo, Mike and Marc Spits, to create Elephant Parade®in 2006. As a socially-conscious business enterprise, Elephant Parade has since rapidly grown from a grassroots movement into a global crusade combining a powerful mix of corporate, celebrity and community support. Through the sale of merchandise and auction of the original art pieces, the exhibition has raised over $6 million dollars to help support the world¹s most majestic land mammals and raise global awareness of issues affecting their dramatic plight.

Now get your walking shoes on and….. Don’t forget to take your camera!

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