About Coach Anne

Anne Adams, CPT

I am the daughter of a Parkinson’s fighter.
I have seen my dad go from a wheelchair to walking.
I have watched his posture straighten and his spirits soar.
I know if and when he falls that he will be able to get himself up.
I now watch him rise from a chair without a struggle.
He is stronger mentally and physically. He smiles more.
I am the daughter of a Parkinson’s fighter.

My dad has been fortunate to live in Indiana where it all began.
Rock Steady Boxing has changed my dad’s life and the lives of those who love him.
Boxing with the Rock Steady method is challenging and fun. It creates friendships that focus on what a person can do…not what they can’t.
I have been so moved by what the RSB organization has done in helping those with Parkinson’s that I enrolled and completed a training class in order to be able to bring the program to Southern California.

I understand the courage it takes to fight against Parkinson’s.
I am the daughter of a Champion.

Anne and dad, Don McNelley